Oy lemme tell ya about this MENSCH, Barry Strudelvich Weiss has a G-odly demeanah n a cock that'll make ya muddah schvitz in da titz.

Jarrod "the goyish ashkenaz" Schulz allows this mensch of the mensch bang da shit outta Brandy P, all for a 10 second training session.

"Its the jewish sausage of all jewish sausages" - Jarrof Schulz

Barry's rabbis provides him wit many goils like miss Passante, Barry once said "I call her Pussanté cuz that puss is healthy as my Doctor Mendelbaum"

oy! he speaks French too! Im tellin' ya, that Dave Hestah and his goyish 2 incher can't contend my friend wit Barry "da price is Weiss" Weiss' grand kielbasa.

He don't touch kids neither, unless they feedin on their muddah's teetz n he takes ovah for em, gotta giv da kids a break ya fakaktes!


  • In June 2013, Barry told A&E that he will not be returning to Storage Wars 5th season.
  • In February 2018, it was announced Barry will return to A&E for a spinoff series called Barried Trusures.