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Nabila Haniss

(2011-present): Nabila made her name in the business after purchasing a storage unit that contained items belonging to socialite Paris Hilton.[10] Although a non-regular buyer at the auctions, she appeared five times in the second season, namely in the episodes "Smoke Em If You Find 'Em", "The Drone Wars", "Not Your Average Bear", "Hook, Line and Sucker" and "Operation Hobo". She is set to return later in the third season. Haniss has openly expressed her disdain for the regular buyers on the show, whom she refers to as a "traveling circus", and resents their intrusion into her "side of town", i.e., the more upscale parts of L.A. and Orange County. She has more affinity with Dave Hester, however, Dave guardedly still views her as a rival.  Nabila sold the Paris Hilton locker for supposedly $10 million.  She sold the locker to an unknown man who used an alias (Bardia Persa) and with the items created the website  Paris Hilton then proceeded to sue Nabila, her brother, and "Mr. Persa."<,,20010230,00.html>
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