For anyone watching all the new storage and auction hunter shows on TV these days and wondering where to purchase items found in storage units this article is for you!

Two good friends in the Fort Worth area began watching the auction hunter shows and decided to try their hand in the storage wars games. So far they have only purchased a small handful of units but don’t seem to have lost any money thus far. In fact if they sell their remaining items will be in the black.

The thing is it’s a whole lot of fun! But what many people really don’t think about is the amount of time and labor involved. You really do have to have a team of people backing you up, to make this work and be successful. One of the main things to consider is space to keep all the things you decide to bring back to go through, then storing those items until they do sell. But for those of you, who are interested in the end result, what’s found and how much do they want for it then you surely want to visit the eBay website it’s where the goods are. Rest assured that the site is changing with each new auction these guys attend and more items get put in the store.

This is only a small fraction of what they find too. It’s what’s commonly known as the smalls. The larger ticket items like paintings, wheels and refrigerators are listed for sale in local classified ads or taken to buyers they feel will have a real interest in them. You’ll definitely find a variety of small items to choose from on the Storage Hunter Sales website though. Recently sold items include a miniature Bible, an antique rocking chair, cosmetics and a PlayStation just to name a few things. So be certain to visit the website at least weekly and add it to your favorites for storage hunter items you won’t want to miss! Storage Hunter Sales Selling items found in storage units in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Selling now on eBay the text of your article here!